Sous vide (cooking at low temperature for an extended period) has been around for a while and was originally the realm of top end chefs with expensive kit. Lately things like the Anova Stick has made it much easier and more accessable, but I’ m still a man who likes to experiment, so… I went redneck. An instant read thermometer, a pan, and getting lucky with the surface area of my pan and specific heat capacity meant I could make a good stab at sous-vide beef without (yet) splashing out a fortune.

You will need

  • A food safe at heat plastic bag (I used a roasting bag)
  • A chunk of topside beef (mine was about a kilo)
  • A clove of garlic
  • An instant read thermometer
  • A deep pan


  1. Wash and dry the beef
  2. pop it in the the roasting bag
  3. Fine slice the garlic and stickk it in the bag (move it all around)
  4. Submerge the bag until all the air is out and clip shut
  5. Pop the bag in a pan full of cold water
  6. Put the stove on it’s lowest setting and find a way to have the thermometer proped up so you can read it
  7. Tweak the heat, lid and amount of the pan over the element to keep the beef as close to 60 degrees C as posible
  8. Wait six hours.
  9. Empty the bag and prop the beef up on something flake proof (I used a ramikin in a stone mortor)
  10. Let the beef rest for a few minutes (I chopped the broccilli and got it ready to go)
  11. Blowtorch the outside of the now dry beef until it’s well coloured
  12. Slice finely. Shove it in your face.


Delicious tender beef, charred outsides, juicy as can be. The garlic adds a rounded edge to the flavour (best avoi any burnt bits of garlic). Please excuse the mess in my kitchen in the photos.

Six hours Ready for the torch BRING THE NOISE Exciting times Charred Rare in the middle still