I love thin cut steak, but it’s virtually impossible to cook well. On a thick cut steak I love crispy blacken outside and a super rare middle. Adding a little drama to the table is no bad thing.

If I was doing this again I’d cut the steak into two inch squares, which I did with a couple of the offcuts and they were better than the main course! The edges crisped and I could cook each piece with 10 seconds either side to perfection.

You will need

  • A pack of thin cut beef steak. I’d guess that it was thin sliced silverside or topside
  • A pack of premixed grill marinade I used Schwartz Grill Mates Mojito Lime and it was excellent.
  • A blowtorch. YEAH, A BLOWTORCH!


  1. Rub marinade into the steak and cut into 2 inch pieces
  2. Support a metal tay on something heat proof
  3. At the table blast a piece at a time, putting the brightest one of flame on the edges and work your way round. Flip over and repeat. Move round the metal board if it gets too hot.


The sugar in the marinade carmelises, the fat edges crisp and yet the middle of the beef is still rare and tender.

A full size blowtorch Blasting Working the edges Trying to show the middle