I love roast beef, and the more I cook it the faster it is to cook. I had a chunk of excllent looking silverside from our meatbox so I decided to go for a super fast and hot roast leaving it rare in the middle. The bonus here was that we ended up going from start to table in… 15 minutes (including time to warm the oven). Literally faster than getting takeaway.

Yes, half the ingrediants here are preprepared, but if that’s the difference between cooking to eat and getting takeaway after a busy day, I’ll take it.

You will need

  • A chunk of silverside. My piece was a 1.2kg, split into two, separting the two major muscles. We’re having the other half tomorrow.
  • A pack of pre-made Yorkshires
  • A pack of sprouts
  • A pot of instant gravy


This is all about the timing, so be ready to roll once you decide you’re ready.

  1. Turn the over on to 240oC
  2. Put the kettle on
  3. Dry the beef and season liberally with salt flakes
  4. Whisk the gravy pot into a cup full of cold water
  5. Put a couple of teaspoons of oil into a frying pan suitable to go into the oven
  6. Put your sprouts into a pan with a good sprinkle of salt in, so they’re ready.
  7. Once the oven it up to temperature, you’re ready to go…
  8. Put the gravy on a low heat
  9. Pop the fryng pan on a high heat.
  10. Once it’s smoking, pop the beef in and press down
  11. Pour the kettle over the sprouts and turn up the heat
  12. Give the beef 2 minutes. Have a peek, it’s should be welll seared and coloured. Flip it over, push it down.
  13. Pop the yorkshire’s into an oven tray ready to go.
  14. Once the beef has had 2 minutes on the second side, put the beef in the top of the oven and the yokshires on a lower shelf.
  15. Drain the sprouts, pop the in a collendar and pop back above the heat to steam with an inch of boiling water below, covered with a lid
  16. Keep stirring the gravy
  17. After the beef has been in the over for 6 minutes, whip it out, take it out of the pan and cover to rest.
  18. Th beef needs a few minutes to rest, use this to plate up.
  19. Fine slice the beef. Yes, I know I sliced it the wrong way.


Pre-made Yorkshires are good enough to do the job. Sprouts are cooked through without being soft. Beef is juicy on the inside, crisped on the outside. The gravy isn’t as good as you could made when you’ve got a pan with umami rich stuck on bits, but then, it took less than 15 minutes from end to end.

See pictures

Ingrediants Second side Just about to go into the oven Sprouts steaming Resting meat Rare GET IN MY FACE GONE IN MY FACE